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18 May 2017

It feels like only yesterday COP21 gave birth to the Paris Agreement and now it’s out in the real world €” making change, and delivering a low carbon resilient transition. As Bonn draws to a close, implementing Paris is set to be a hot topic during a number of upcoming star studded events: the Petersburg Dialogue, G7, the Ocean Conference, and the G20, just to name a few.


The Petersberg Dialogue is first up, and it seems that Germany is keen to focus on what really matters: climate action. After doing a stellar job this session, Fiji will be making its mark once again when Chancellor Merkel and Prime Minister Bainimarama come together during this auspicious meeting to speak about climate action.



After that, the G7 countries will meet up. This is the first Summit for four of the G7 leaders — President Macron, President Trump, Prime Minister Gentiloni, and Prime Minister May. Each will be in the spotlight from May 26-27. ECO expects the G7 to send a strong signal of unwavering support to implementing Paris, which is good for the climate, good for the economy, and supported by citizens and voters. One country should not be allowed to spoil the party. We have so much to gain and too much to lose; and the world will certainly be watching.


The Ocean Conference will be next and bring us to June 5-9. It will be hosted by the upcoming COP Presidency, Fiji, and climate champion, Sweden. The summit will take steps towards achieving SDG 14 on oceans. When it comes to climate change, oceans are crucial to mitigation, adaptation, and loss and damage. They provide a vital carbon sink, offer prosperity for many communities, and are highly vulnerable to climate change. Fiji will no doubt be connecting these dots, and will be, once again, riding the wave of climate action.


The last event before the summer break will be the G20 on July 7-8. ECO hopes countries and stakeholders will continue to bear the torch for Paris implementation at the G20.. It’s important to keep up the ongoing work done by the Green Finance Study Group and Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures, as well as adopting the climate and energy action plan the Sustainability Working Group has been working so hard to perfect.

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