The one GAP we need

10 May 2017

As every avid ECO reader will know, ECO hates gaps. For years, ECO has called on delegates to do all they can to close the adaptation gap, plug the finance gap and reduce the ambition gap as fast as possible. But this time around, there is an in-session workshop to support the development of a GAP – and ECO is all in favor.


That is because this GAP refers to the gender action plan and the UNFCCC urgently needs one. Women’s rights should be central to every aspect of the UNFCCC negotiations – but they still are not.


While there will be no formal negotiation session on the gender agenda item at Bonn, there will be a 2-day workshop starting today, open to all Parties, UN organizations, observers and other stakeholders. The objective is to make progress on a gender action plan, mandated under the COP22 extension of the Lima Work Programme on Gender. The outcome will inform negotiations towards a decision at COP23.


Join the workshop and show support for women’s rights today from 10.00 to 13.00 hrs and tomorrow from 15.00 to 18.00 hrs in Room Santiago de Chile.

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