Civil society calls on Trump to ‘Make America Great’ by acting on climate change and investing in renewables

20 January 2017

20 January 2017: As President Trump takes office today, Climate Action Network calls on this new administration not to turn its back on climate change and to choose to be on the right side of history by addressing one of the gravest global issue confronting us today.

“Trump was elected because the American people want a new, safe and prosperous vision for this world -one they feel the usual political elite was not able to deliver. We can’t agree more. Climate change is a problem created by these politicians and after 25 years they still couldn’t solve it. What we need is to also get rid of the energy of the past, and invest in the energy of the future. Renewable energy is the safest and most secure source of energy that can provide more jobs than fossil fuels. A 100% renewable energy vision is the best and most secure way to make America great,” said Wael Hmaidan, International Director, Climate Action Network.

Quotes from other CAN members

“Other countries have made it clear that no matter what President Trump does, they intend to implement and strengthen their commitments under the Paris Agreement; not one country has said that if President Trump pulls the United States out of Paris, they will follow. In addition, hundreds of U.S. states, cities, and companies have made clear their determination to stay the course on climate action. If President Trump persists in his stance that climate change is not a serious threat that demands greater action, he will find himself isolated on the international stage, with real consequences for his influence on trade, terrorism, and other issues.”  – Alden Meyer, Director of Strategy and Policy, Union of Concerned Scientists   

“Donald Trump is always telling us how smart he is. Well the smart thing to do on climate change is to listen to the scientists and businesses and ensure America is ready to capitalise on the growing low carbon revolution that will help make it great again.  If he doesn’t he will hand the next industrial revolution to America’s economic rivals. “China, is snapping at America’s heels and is ready to take its mantle as the most pro-active, low-carbon superpower. “Trump has already spoken about investing in America’s infrastructure.  Any modern construction firm will likely have sustainability built-in to its plans. States and cities will want the very latest, climate-smart technology, not out of date infrastructure from the past.” – Christian Aid’s International Climate Lead, Mohamed Adow

“The tens of thousands of people expected to take to the streets around the inauguration are not just protesting Trump’s power — we’re foreshadowing the resistance that will continue to grow after today. Trump has threatened to roll back so many hard-won progressive gains, including those on climate, but he can’t take away our resolve to fight back at every turn. And movements for justice are forming alliances like never before to do just that. There are so many ways to challenge injustice, and for our climate and our communities, it’s more important than ever that we stay strong against Trump’s tyrannical plans, and work together to create the future we need. “While we are also seeing the rise of politically oppressive regimes in many parts of the world, these will continue to be met with the people’s growing resistance and the urgent demand that political leaders everywhere need to listen to science and start driving national economies away from fossil fuels and towards 100% renewable energy. The impacts of extreme weather in a warming world already costed the US hundreds of human lives and $46 billion in damages during the past year alone. While globally the concentration of climate changing CO2 in our planet’s atmosphere continues to rise to new record levels with the World Meteorological Organisation confirming 2016 was the hottest year on record. Now more than ever, elected officials worldwide need to heed to the urgency of the climate crisis and stand with science to safeguard a livable planet for communities worldwide.” –May Boeve, Executive Director

“Those of us who understand the threats we are facing now need to come together in new coalition and be ready to fight as hard as our opponents, who are ready to sacrifice the earth to preserve their privileges. For the sake of our and our children’s future, we now have to show Donald Trump and the world that we have the better story – and are not wimps.” –Jakob von Uexkull, Founder of the World Future Council

“Donald Trump is installed in the White House only days after new data confirms that 2016 has been the third hottest year on record in a row. It is crystal clear that we can risk no gap in the effort to scale up climate action. Regardless of what the Trump administration will do, it is high time that the EU steps up their game, reaching out to countries like China to ensure continued international efforts to tackle the causes and impacts of climate change.” – Wendel Trio, Director at Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe

“If we look at Trump as a populist, we can surely say that there is no place for populist statements on climate change. It’s a very serious science and any attempts to simplify the issue will be considered unprofessional.” – Alexey Kokorin, WWF Russia

“The Arab region is not only the most vulnerable when it comes to climate change but climate change has been linked to political conflicts some countries in the region like Syria witnesses the worst drought since 900 years; real implementation Paris agreement will save lives”.
“Our countries showed initiatives by starting major renewable energy project it’s time for countries like USA to keep its promise in saving future generations.” –Safa’ Al Jayoussi, Can Arab World Co-Coordinator.

“Climate change is an international issue that affects us all negatively. Don’t let the United States of America be responsible for the “domino effect” of withdrawing from Paris agreement. Each country should hold to its commitments that was consolidated in Marrakech. – Nouhad Awwad, Arab Youth Climate Muster AYCM, National Coordinator-Lebanon

For more information, contact Dharini Parthasarathy, Communications Coordinator, Policy, CAN- International; email:, or call on +918826107830
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