Say goodbye in style: A Grand Farewell for HFC’s

23 May 2016

Speed is vital when it comes to climate protection. Immediate action to cut HFCs could contribute much to keep the global temperature rise to under 1.5°C. Enacting a global phase-down of HFCs could yield up to 100 billion tonnes of emissions reductions by mid-century, and up to 200 billion tonnes if we make a parallel effort to improve the efficiency of the appliances using HFCs as refrigerants. Around the world, the vision for a future without HFCs is becoming a reality as governments move ahead with plans to phase down production and consumption under the Montreal Protocol.

ECO has some recommendations to MOP negotiators to ensure a fabulous going away party for HFCs this year:

  • Fix a time and date: We need a swift global agreement to address the consumption and production of HFCs. An extraordinary MOP is scheduled in Vienna (22-23 July) to finalise the HFC agreement, where Parties should seal the deal.
  • Set a party theme or mood: ECO suggests the theme “high ambition” for this gathering. Each guest has to come with the highest ambition. The resumed 37th and 38th OEWG meetings in Vienna just before the extraordinary MOP is the perfect place to lay the groundwork and prepare for the party.
  • Ensure supplies: Developed nations are obliged to contribute to financing the transitions of developing nations and to assist with technology transfer. Current proposals to phase down HFCs under the MOP follow this successful pattern.
  • Consider making the party a potluck: Under its Multilateral Fund (MLF) the Montreal Protocol supports developing nations through finance and technology transfer. Developed countries should bring additional MLF funding to the party to make it a success, as the Nordic Leaders and the U.S. just announced they would.
  • Recruit helpers: Since you are expecting a large crowd to say goodbye to HFCs, it is key to continue supporting your network of ozone officers to implement the phase-down schedules at national level.

ECO urges all Parties to support an ambitious HFC phase-down to make negotiations under the Montreal Protocol a great farewell party for HFCs. (Rain date: October in Kigali, Rwanda at the regular MOP.)

Say goodbye in style: A Grand Farewell for HFC’s

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