A Busy Agenda For the New “Climate Queen”

23 May 2016

ECO wants to provide a hearty welcome to Ambassador Patricia Espinosa to replace everyone’s favourite Tica.

The incoming UNFCCC head as a highly respected diplomat, who thoroughly knows the climate issue and appreciates how fundamental trust and an inclusive approach are for progress. However, diplomacy is not enough. We need ambition, equity and means of implementation. And we need them fast!

The 2018 facilitative dialogue is the ideal moment for countries to bring their NDCs in line with the 1.5°C goal of the Paris Agreement. Espinosa can champion early ratification and early entry into force. But she will mindfully ensure that finance pledges made by wealthy nations must be adequate to fund mitigation and adaptation actions in developing countries. She’ll need to help build the critical review and reporting system on whether countries are meeting their commitments. And she’ll be dealing with some tough customers – national industries and private companies pushing back against the rapid low-carbon transition that we so urgently need.

The role of non-state actors in implementing the Agreement—especially indigenous peoples, NGOs, cities and the private sector—will be essential. Espinosa must commit to continue making the UNFCCC more inclusive and participatory.

The Mexican government and national NGOs alike are delighted with the news of Espinosa’s nomination. ECO welcomes the opportunity for the Mexican government to open the door even wider to national NGO participation. NGOs should be allowed to bring onboard their skills and expertise to support the revision of the Mexican NDC and spur its rapid implementation.

ECO wishes Ambassador Espinosa all the best. We have high hopes of being able to toast the early entry into force of the Paris Agreement as well as a successful 2018 facilitative dialogue with some of Mexico’s finest tequila. ¡Salud!

A Busy Agenda For the New “Climate Queen”

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