Who are YOU in the UNFCCC?

20 May 2016

What’s your UNFCCC alter-ego? Who do you transform to in the hallways of Bonn, away from home? Are you a hardened late night policy obsessive always ready with a highlighter, or do you prefer to track via Twitter? Take ECO’s latest quiz to find out (answers provided on the back page)!

  1. What do Azerbaijan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Brazil, Chile, Ghana, Namibia, Peru, the Republic of Korea, Singapore, South Africa, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Tunisia and Viet Nam all have in common? (One point for a correct answer)
  2. How many of these acronyms can you spell out: ICA, MRV, FSV, BUR, SBI, TR, BAU? (One point for each correct answer)
  3. What do all the acronyms above have in common? (One point for a correct answer)
  4. What is the targeted annual emissions level in South Africa in 2020? (A half point for a correct answer)
  5. What is the quantitative goal for Peru’s energy NAMA? (One point for a correct answer)
  6. Which institution under the UNFCCC is the most non-intrusive, non-punitive and respectful of national sovereignty? (One point for a correct answer)

If you scored 10.5-11.5: You are an Australopithecus Africanus. You migrate between Bonn and Sterkfontein and your favourite relative is Lucy. You’ve been following the process for ages. You can dazzle anyone by spinning off acronyms and probably have a very small circle of friends outside of the UNFCCC. ECO recommends that you attend the SBI workshop for facilitative sharing of views to make some new friends in a safe, non-intrusive environment.

If you scored 7-10: You are an Accountant Bookworm. You love reading UNFCCC texts and long discussions far away from the beach. You have gaps in your understanding of what countries are doing on climate change. ECO recommends that you attend the SBI workshop for facilitative sharing of views to get some clarity on what’s happening in the real world.

If you scored 3-7: You are a Frequently Spotted Big Picture Bird. You generally look pensive and offer “strategic” insights in conversations. But you do get caught out sometimes for not having a full understanding of the MRV systems. ECO recommends that you join the SBI workshop for facilitative sharing of views to show the rest of your team that you care.

If you scored 0-3: You are a Ship Rat. You like slipping onto UNFCCC bound planes and ships, but spend most of your time in beer gardens and the Asia Haus in Bad Godesberg. ECO recommends that you attend the SBI workshop for facilitative sharing of views to make friends with Australopithecus Africanus and Accountant Bookworms and to learn more about climate change action.


  1. The biennial update reports that these countries produced will be discussed in the first ever facilitative workshop under the reporting requirements for developing countries.
  2. International Consultation and Analysis; Monitoring, Reporting and Verification; Biennial Update Reports; Subsidiary Body for Implementation; Technical Report; Business as Usual.
  3. Can you believe they are all part of the ICA process!?
  4. Only a half point is awarded because any guess could fall in the range provided: 614 to 398 MtCO2eq. ECO hopes that the workshop today will facilitate more clarity on the emissions level that South Africa is working towards.
  5. ECO doesn’t know since we can’t find it in the BUR Peru produced. Perhaps the workshop can facilitate more clarity on these aspirations.
  6. By now you should have guessed it – the ICA!

Who are YOU in the UNFCCC?

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