Cheat Sheet for Putting Us on the Path to a Safe, Just Climate Future Ambition Mechanism

11 December 2015

Ambition Mechanism

To Keep!
Look at INDCs in 2019/20 (paras 20, 23, 24) with 5 yearly stocktaking of actions (Art. 10)
Submission of new NDC every five years on common timeframes from 2030 (Article 3.8 and 3.9) with no backsliding (Art. 3.3) and each new NDC “should” be a progression over the  previous one (Articles 3.6)

To Be Improved!
Delete “in the period after 2025 and 2030”; current INDCs need to be improved (para 17)
Facilitative dialogue (para 20) to happen in 2018 to give clear guidance on scaling up INDCs.
Parties to revisit and revise upwards their 2030 targets (para 23, 24)

Equity, Fairness and Differentiation

To Keep!
Differentiation reflected in Operative Articles, a good starting point
Article 2 in context of CBDR & RC
Global stocktake in context of equity and science
To Be Improved!
2bis must not be deleted
Progression text should mention both CBDR&RC and stages of development to achieve balance  Article 2: the Paris Agreement should be “implemented on the basis of” equity, CBDRB, and national circumstances
Article 3.1 also mention stages of development.

Human Rights and Environmental Integrity Principles

To Keep!
Environmental Integrity and avoidance of double-counting (Art. 3.12, 3.20); no double-counting in 3terr.
Technology Needs Assessment, including socially and environmentally sound”” criteria (D.77(d)
To Be Improved!
Human rights, gender equality, just transition, the rights of indigenous peoples, food security, intergenerational equity, in preamble (10/12), in operative Article.
Cooperative approaches (Art. 3.20) lacks requirement that emissions reductions are real, additional, permanent, verified.

Mitigation in the Agreement

To Keep!
Reference to peaking as soon as possible in a differentiated fashion (Art 3.1)
Operationalisation of the temperature goal with a formulation which points to zero fossil-fuel emissions (Art 3.1)
Development of National Long-Term Low-GHG Strategies
To Be Improved!
Clear 1.5ºC goal
Identifying support for conditional actions in developing country INDCs Long Term Goal: From GHG neutral to full decarbonization proposal (Art. 3.1).
Address emissions from international shipping and aviation

Pre-2020 Action

To Keep!
Improved technical process, high level events and champions for both mitigation and adaptation with support can trigger new and additional action. (paras 118-140)
Recognition of the need to accelerate implementation of 2020-commitments (para 124)
To Be Improved!
Indication that existing efforts and commitments will be scaled up pre-2020.
Criteria to ensure quality and integrity of actions (paras 118, 129, 130)
Clarity on pre-2020 finance (remove brackets around para 123)


To Keep!
Adaptation goal (4.1)Link to mitigation
Inclusion of adaptation and adaptation support in stocktake
To Be Improved!
Strengthen link to mitigation in decision text
Clear quantitative adaptation finance number for pre/post 2020

Loss & Damage

To Keep!
Stand alone element  that needs finance, is different from adaptation and process to deal with permanent and irreversible damage
Displacement coordination facility
To Be Improved!
Delete language ruling out compensation and liability (Art. 5.3)


To Keep!
Scale up from floor of US$100 billion, and shifting trillions paragraph in purpose section
Establish that every 5-years quantitative goals on financial resources are set, to assist developing countries (Art 6)
Clarified accounting of additional funds in para. 65.
To Be Improved!
No clear accountability for future finance targets – creative fudge on differentiation in finance provision/mobilisation

Transparency & MRV

To Keep!
Whichever option (Art 9.1) is decided (differentiation) on a new transparency framework is established that covers both action and support
(Art 9.7) recognises that independent review of the information is important
New framework recognises flexibility for developing countries is needed (Art 9.2)
To Be Improved!
No clear accountability for future finance targets – creative fudge on differentiation in finance provision/mobilisation


To Keep!
Compliance wording in article 11 needs to be maintained
Entry into Force double trigger, prefer option of 55% of parties/GHG.
Binding language to be maintained on commitments

Cheat Sheet for Putting Us on the Path to a Safe, Just Climate Future Ambition Mechanism

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