Climate Vulnerable Forum Shines with Bold Call for 100% Renewable Energy

2 December 2015

To be Fossil-worthy, you must be cowardly. You must shake with a limp wrist. So yesterday we didn’t give out a Fossil. We gave a Ray of the Day.  

Despite the name, we do not give Rays out every day. It’s only given when extraordinary things happen. Monday night at 6pm, there was a high level meeting of 43 nations from the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF). They made a bold, ambitious declaration to do something amazing. The CVF declared that they support a Paris Agreement that aims to achieve full decarbonisation of our economies, so they can run their countries on 100% renewable energy by 2050! In doing so, these countries have decided not to play the victim. They are showing the kind of leadership the rest of the world can learn from. They are leading the way in setting course for a safer world with only 1.5°C of global warming. This declaration is so big, so bold, that it makes lots of the other countries look like…fossils.

Let’s hear it for the countries of the Climate Vulnerable Forum!


Climate Vulnerable Forum Shines with Bold Call for 100% Renewable Energy

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