Clearing up the Clouds on Transparency and MRV

23 October 2015

Transparency is good, as it is clarity because it can help countries direct policy and allocate resources appropriately. The co-chairs’ non-paper includes MRV and accounting-related provisions throughout, highlighting the cross-cutting nature of this issue and its overall relevance to the deal. This is vital for success. To increase ambition, the Paris agreement should set the status quo as an absolute minimum to ensure progression and prevent backsliding on rules and requirements. A common transparency framework must acknowledge different stages of development, capabilities and national circumstances and set the direction to improve over time. It is essential to create a balance between action and the need for adequate support, as well as support for capacity building and technology transfer.

ECO is always willing to help, and here are some proposed improvements:

Highlighting and strengthening the concept of independent, international review or verification in the text.

On the current information provision, the frequency and standard of reporting should not backslide.

The accounting rules need to be clearer, as they currently  lack even basic principles such as a ban on double counting.

The text should be clearer on methodologies for estimating greenhouse gas emissions and removals, using data from the latest IPCC assessment report.

Environmental integrity principles should be enshrined now.

The transparency of the information provided by Parties to outline their INDCs should also be clearer and should enable them to report on how respect for human rights, integrity and resilience of natural ecosystems, and food security are being ensured in all climate actions.

If we get it right, a robust MRV system can provide the confidence to attract low-carbon investment and promote further ambition that leads to both domestic and international benefits.

Clearing up the Clouds on Transparency and MRV

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