Let’s talk frameworks

8 June 2015

Tomorrow will bring another round of discussions about the Framework for Various Approaches. ‘Round’ being the operative word, as things seem to have been going around (and ‘round) in circles. Some countries are keen (maybe too keen?) to engage, while others are not willing to talk at all—at least until the ADP discussions conclude. Parties should take advantage of the time available in Bonn to share their views and come to an agreement on key principles.

With the plethora of carbon markets popping up like mushrooms (some palatable and some highly toxic to environmental integrity), it will be important for the UNFCCC to establish common standards for these markets. Applying common standards will ensure that vital principles, such as avoidance of double counting, markets as supplemental to national mitigation plans, and environmental integrity, are upheld. And this way, regardless of the carbon market approaches pursued, emissions reductions can be real, additional, permanent and verified, based on credible baselines.

Let’s talk frameworks

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