Belаrus, Kazakhstan: We have a message for you

3 June 2015

Let’s be real, why do you need to have a ‘proper consultation’ with your delegation on the Kyoto Protocol when it doesn’t even apply to you? ECO knows that you want to rely on your inserted brackets for the second commitment period of the KP, but let’s just accept that it’s time to move forward!

The use of assigned amount units (AAUs) from the previous Kyoto period was a stepping stone for agreeing on rules for the this commitment period. That was a massive headache for all of us! Do you remember the Fossil award that you received together with Ukraine and Russia? Why would you want to potentially repeat that in Bonn?

It took 6 months for Ukraine to clean up their mistakes and agree on the wording of the modalities for the second commitment period. While Ukraine delivered on its obligations, it doesn’t seem all that prepared for this session.

AAUs from the first commitment period really shouldn’t be an issue for you. Let’s stop adding brackets to the Kyoto guidelines and give them a chance to be adopted in Paris.

Belаrus, Kazakhstan: We have a message for you

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