ECO’s Valentine’s Nest

13 February 2015

Love in the time of climate change

Are you in the mood for love? Been eyeing that special someone from across the negotiating hall? Wishing you could have a private bilateral or two? Today’s your lucky day, because ECO is accepting personal ads to match you to that perfect partner. Send us a short description of your best traits at, and we’ll find you a compatible cutie to stay up with highlighting your draft text all night long.

“High Energy”

Small in stature and greenie at heart seeks partner equally enamoured by windmills, woollen sweaters and mermaids for long walks on the beach and common efforts to reach 100% renewable energies. While arrival on a white steed is not required, proficiency on an iron horse certainly is.

“Big Deal”

When it comes to carbon, I’m kind of a big deal. Size matters. And if we’re talking cumulative emissions, it’s really no contest at all. I’m not looking for any sort of binding commitment, but if you’ve got something to offer—call me? Maybe we can make it work.

“Fresh Start”

I’m a fun, major emitting country looking to start something new, eh? My previous relationship was 7 years long, and had too many rules and commitments. If you’re up for a good time, enjoying the moment, and not worrying about the future, then I’m your country for romance.

ECO’s Valentine’s Nest

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