10 December 2014

This is getting bizarre . . . Australia wins the Fossil of the Day Award . . .again!

  Is it lack of sleep? Is it the heat? They are making some very telling statements at this COP, statements that slip into the realm of willful ignorance.

  Here in Lima, Australia says that they don’t understand the concept of a ‘long-term
temperature limit’.

  Continuing their slapstick approach, Australia has also stated it doesn’t really understand the idea of ‘global solidarity’ either. 
  Here’s a newsflash: we live in a single biosphere and we are all in this together when it comes to climate impacts.

  We all do silly things, but not all the time. Now is the time for Australia to shape up and take these negotiations seriously – perhaps a refresher on the Cancun agreement on the global temperature threshold. Then their Prime Minister could visit some of the vulnerable islands off the coast of Australia and the drought and wildfire-stricken districts in their very own country.


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