Side Event: Equity and Differentiation in the Context of INDCs – The State of the Debate

2 December 2014

Tuesday, 2 December 2014 – 13:15-14:45

Room: Paracas

The importance of Equity and Differentiation within the 2015 agreement is accepted by many Parties and observers. However, the terms of an equitable agreement applicable to all are both unclear and controversial. Disagreement exists on operationalization and scope of equity, and on approaches for assessment of iNDCs. In this context, CAN has made a detailed proposal for a dynamic Equity Reference Framework that is explicitly rooted in the Convention’s core equity principles.

We believe that such an approach can break the deadlock in the negotiations. This side event will further articulate CAN’s Equity Reference Framework and will provide an opportunity for discussions on how to bring this Framework into the negotiations.

Civil Society Presentation

·    Mohamed Adow, Christian Aid

·    Tom Athanasiou, CAN International Equity Working Group

·    Siddharth Pathak, CAN International

Party Respondents

·    ​Brazil, South Africa (confirmed)

·    Bolivia, China, Colombia, India (requested)

Moderator: Mohamed Adow, Christian Aid

Background Information:

CAN’s Equity Indicators Paper:
CAN’s Equity submission for ADP2.5:
CAN discussion paper – “The Case for an Equity Review”:

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