Vale Gaines Morrow Campbell III

5 May 2014

The climate movement has lost one of its brightest lights. 

Gaines Morrow Campbell III, co-chair of the Climate Action Network-International Board of Directors for five years, passed away on the Fourth of May, 2014, in Brazil after a lengthy illness. 

Gaines was a long-time climate change specialist at Brazilian NGO Vitae Civilis.  Originally from Philadelphia, in the US, Gaines lived in Brazil for over 30 years. He was an oceanographer and conducted some of the first research around thermal reversal of the Gulf Stream in the North Atlantic in winter, while at the Physical Oceanography Department at Woods Hole Oceangraphic Institution. He lectured on environment and sustainable development issues. 

He campaigned long and hard on environment and development issues, both in Brazil and internationally.  As well as attending almost every UNFCCC session in recent times, he worked with GT Climate FBOMS, Esquel Brazil Foundation, the ANAP – Headwaters Association of Pure Waters (Juquitiba), and the Rotary Club of Juquitiba. He also coordinated  many local boards and committees in Brazil, including a three-term stint as Vice-President of the Ribeira and South Coast Watershed Committee (Bacia Hidrográfica do Ribeira de Iguape e Litoral Sul).

Climate Action Network sends its condolences to Gaines' family and friends throughout the world. We know you are now at rest in a garden as beautiful as your own. 


Please feel free to leave your reflections, memories and tributes to Gaines in a comment below. Comments will be manually approved to guard against spam. 



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