Intervention at the Post 2015 Open Working Group on Energy

4 December 2013

 –        We are concerned to hear some Parties sequencing the energy discussion, saying that we need to ensure energy access before sustainability. Creating an atmosphere of competition between the two. For us it is not the case, and we see them mutually reinforcing. For example, decentralized RE in most cases is the cheapest and most reliable way to provide energy access. Due to future climate impacts, it is not possible to achieve one without the other. Focusing on energy access without addressing carbon emissions will only increase poverty on the long-term due to climate impacts.

          We are also concerned that there is more and more attempts to rely on the private sector (especially the Fossil Fuel Industry) to lead on the discussions in relation to how to deal with the climate crisis. We believe that governments need to be charge of the debate as well as ensure strong and effective involvement of civil society. Governments need to create the political, economic, and social atmosphere that would direct private and public investments towards sustainable low-carbon development, such as developing LCDS, reforming FFS, creating RE/EE targets, etc.

          According to the IEA, 2/3 of fossil fuels should not be used, if we want to avoid catastrophic climate impacts. In her speech to the coal industry during the climate summit in Warsaw, Christiana Figueres also confirmed this fact, by informing the industry that the coal needs to stay in the ground.

          Everyone is saying that the new post-2015 Sustainable Development goals need to be transformational. This means for us that in the energy sector, we need to mostly switch to Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, especially that RE creates more jobs per kwh in most cases that are healthier and of better quality.

          RE targets for 2030 need to be in-line with science, and have 5-year sub targets to help bridge the pre-2020 ambition gap.

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