Adaptation Committee: Kick-off to adaptation leadership?

28 November 2012

The Adaptation Committee has worked hard to prepare its ambitious three-year work plan, with only one meeting held in 2012. In order to be able to perform this necessary leadership role, ECO urges in particular developed country Parties to provide the necessary means for the work of the Adaptation Committee.

ECO welcomes that the Adaptation Committee plans to address the importance of understanding adaptation best practices and needs of local and indigenous communities. But there is one piece missing in the overall picture: The COP should recognise the value that the Adaptation Committee work may have for the ADP negotiations towards a 2015 legally-binding instrument. It can substantially inform the work of the ADP, so that the future agreement can help scale-up adaptation based on the needs identified.

ECO knows that civil society is willing to contribute to the Adaptation Committee's work, and encourages committee members to facilitate these inputs. A gap in the rules of procedure should be closed, namely webcasting meetings where possible. The Adaptation Fund is a good precedent in this regard. Last but not least, ECO is pressing the Adaptation Committee to act in a proactive manner by holding events, workshops, etc. on specific adaptation needs and responses. 

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