“CAN Collectibles”: Iran

22 May 2012

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National term of greeting:


Annual bread consumption:

160 kilograms per person

Annual rice consumption:

35 kilograms per person

Best things about Iran:

Sun, Forest, Snow and Desert all in one place at the same time!

Worst things about Iran:

Inefficiency in all aspects of life!

Things you didn't know:

World's 8th largest CO2 polluter (total emissions), ahead of the UK and South Korea! The largest ski resort in the heart of the Middle East!

Existing action on the table:

30% emission reduction by 2025 in comparison by BAU scenario. Financed by the government (BAU scenario for 2025: 2,248.5 million tonnes CO2). Iran supports keeping warming below 2°C

Additional actions Iran should agree to as its 2020 contribution, at a minimum:

64% emission reduction by 2025 in comparison by BAU scenario (Only if international technical/financial assistance under UNFCCC becomes available)

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