NGOs tell negotiators to agree work-plan in Bonn, not re-open Durban deals

14 May 2012

Photo Credit: Leila Mead/IISD

[Bonn – Germany] International experts from NGOs organized in the Climate Action Network (CAN) and the global TckTckTck campaign today called on negotiators gathered in Bonn for another round of UN climate talks to build on agreements made at COP17 in Durban last year rather than re-opening them.

An archived video from today’s NGO press conference will be published at:

Wael Hmaidan, Director at CAN International, said:

“The Durban outcome came as a positive surprise. It is not perfect, but provided us with the last opportunity to reach a meaningful global agreement to avoid catastrophic climate change impacts that threaten our survival. 2012 will be a transitional year, in which we will close the old process and start a new one. For the first time, governments are ready to tackle the difficult issues that they have tried to avoid in the past. Key challenges for countries this year include raising ambition to close the gap between pledged emission targets and what’s really needed, and addressing how to share the necessary effort in an equitable manner. 2012 is also witnessing an Arab spring in the climate negotiations. Qatar will be hosting COP18, Saudi Arabia is chairing one of the negotiation tracks, and Algeria is the new Chair of G77. This provides a unique opportunity for the Arab region to become more progressive, and to put a well ‘oiled’ process in place for a successful COP in Doha.”

Liz Gallagher, Senior Policy Advisor at E3G, said:

“Negotiators can no longer lick old wounds and go over old ground, their political masters are watching. With Durban marking the beginning of the process to deliver a global climate treaty by 2015, they have to use Bonn to deliver a work-plan that gets us there. Copenhagen was too political for the technocrats and too technical for politicians – and thus ended in disaster. Learning the lessons and laying the groundwork for success in 2015, Bonn must set out a clear process to unravel the ‘all or nothing’ approach these negotiations usually suffer from.”

Tove Ryding, Climate Policy Coordinator at Greenpeace International, said:

“A very crucial outcome of Durban was developing countries acknowledging that all countries, including developing countries, must work together to strengthen global action on climate change. However, it was absurd to see several developed countries respond to this positive move by developing countries by backtracking on their own commitments. Canada won the title as climate hypocrite of the year when they slammed the door on Kyoto strait after Durban. Absurdly enough, there is a risk that Australia and New Zealand might take inspiration from this bad example since they are so far failing to commit to a second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol. The EU have stepped up and shown will to do this. If Europe stick with their 20% target and insist on an 8 year Kyoto commitment period, however, they will be sticking their heads in the sand instead of opening the global discussion about the need for urgent and stronger action on climate change.”



Climate Action Network (CAN) is a global network of over 600 NGOs working to promote government and individual action to limit human-induced climate change to ecologically sustainable levels. For more information, please go to and contact CAN International Director Wael Hmaidan, email:, local mobile: +49-(0)1603195597


TckTckTck is the public campaign of the Global Campaign for Climate Action (GCCA). Our shared mission is to mobilize civil society and galvanize public support to ensure a safe climate future for people and nature, to promote the low-carbon transition of our economies, and to accelerate the adaptation efforts in communities already affected by climate change. For more information, please go to and contact Communications Director Christian Teriete, email:, local mobile: +49-(0)15778566968




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