1 October 2011

ECO just found (under a delegates desk) the draft final decision on LULUCF for Durban. In the interest of full transparency, we reproduce it here.

Decision -/CMP.7

Land use, land use change and forestry

Acknowledgingthat we have been working on this subject far too long and may have lost all sense of proportion,

Recallingthat we made a real mess of this last time as well,

Affirmingthe need to generate credits and hide debits from LULUCF activities,

Recognisingthe need to change jargon frequently, as with force majeure natural disturbance,

Hidingforest management emissions beneath unrealistically inflated reference level projections,

ForgettingArticle 4, paragraph 2 (a) of the Convention, which states that “Each of these [Annex I] Parties shall adopt nationalpolicies and take corresponding measures to mitigate climate change, by limiting its anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases and protecting and enhancing its greenhouse gas sinks and reservoirs,”

Overlookingthe urgent need to reduce emissions in all sectors,

Underminingthe ultimate objective of the Convention,

Wonderingif we will get away with this,

Decidesthat each Party in Annex B can account for LULUCF activities however it likes,

Further decidesthat other Parties shall not use this transparent accounting scam as an excuse to fiddle their own LULUCF or REDD accounting .

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