[VOICE] Parties’ pledges for cutting emissions under KP and LCA: How to build a strong dyke

9 December 2010

By Ange-Benjamin Brida

In this UNFCCC negotiation it’s undeniable that cutting emissions and the idea of a review of target from 2°C to 1,5°C are some of the most crucial issues of this process on the way toward a Fair Ambitious and Binding agreement in Durban next year. And we would like to recall parties that we need here in Cancun a package that is more compatible with this objective and in line with science requirement. We need to build a dyke strong enough to save us from the “drowning” of Copenhagen.

The only one way to build this dyke safely is to make a real engineering plan, and then agree what everyone should contribute with, according to their capabilities. After that, everybody can bring their stones to the construction. Meanwhile our delegates, manly those from developed countries, are not using this safe and wise approach here concerning the negotiation. We are building things in the context of climate talk instead of moving according to science-based pledges. Developed countries are still promoting this pledges based on an interests approach which will not fulfill the target.Current mitigation pledges result in a massive 5-9 gigatonne gap per year by 2020. The recent UNEP report indicates that a substantial part of the gap results from loopholes and double counting.

Distinguished delegates: a second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol is an essential part of a balanced outcome in Cancun.Rejecting the one legally binding framework we have for emission reduction commitments is simply unacceptable. We hope that countries opposing a second commitment period will show more flexibility this coming week.We need to have more science-based pledges and more equity in the Cancun package. Please ensure that the following four key elements are included in both the KP and LCA texts:

1. A process to clarify existing pledges

2. Acknowledgement that current accounting is less than what science requires

3. A process to make sure pledges are strengthened before they are cemented into the legal


4. Long-term Zero and Low Carbon Action Plans

As the ministers are still coming we urge parties to comeup with more pledges. Another drowning could not be acceptable. Delegates: roll up your sleeves and let’s build a strong dyke!

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