From Russia with love

9 December 2009

moscow university

An intriguing article entitled “Present from Russia” appeared yesterday in the respected Russian financial newspaper, Vedemosti.

It described how Russia was preparing a Christmas present for the world – the renunciation of its large surplus of assigned amount units.

“This will be our ecological present to the world,” stated a source within the Russian delegation.

Subsequently, Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its Administration denied this report. But it leaves one thinking – such a move could potentially strengthen actual Annex I targets by 4-6% percentage points. After all, the Kyoto Protocol entered into force thanks to Russia.

So what is going on behind the scenes in Russia? Does the Russian delegation have a present up its sleeve – further icing on the Copenhagen layer cake being prepared here? Were they just not quite ready to unwrap the largest environmental gift in history? Perhaps the Russian delegation could clarify?

ECO would be delighted to publish the clarification.

Photo courtesy of Argenberg.

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