Saudi Arabia – you’ve got mail!

6 November 2009

ECO learned of a new type of urgent mail delivery system in the UNFCCC today.

The recipient? A negotiator who, while not expecting a visit from the post office certainly should have anticipated some kind of message as a result of his country’s positions.  And where was this  message service are we speaking of?  It was easily to identify thanks to a walking banner at the entrance of the FIRA centre.

This specialty message delivery was inaugurated Thursday with the first lucky recipient being the Saudi head of delegation. The authors of the inaugural message were many: NGOs from 18 different developing countries, as well as the international youth present in Barcelona.


The youth delivered their letter along with pictures of their co-authors in the 18 developing countries gathering in front of Saudi embassies yesterday. These peaceful protests urged Saudi Arabia to stop playing an obstructionist role in the current climate negotiations, and to support the poorest and most vulnerable countries.

ECO notifies heads of delegations that “banner mail” might welcome them on their way into the UNFCCC venue.  Keep your eyes open, and your positions ambitious, or else you will be the next lucky winner!

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