Scotland breaks the 40% barrier

2 November 2009

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Scotland? Tartan? Golf? Scotch whisky? Now there’s something new — legally binding emissions cuts of 42% by 2020. Scotland has committed to reduce its emissions by that level and 80% by 2050, all relative to 1990 levels. Scotland has also pledged to make at least 80% of these cuts within Scotland and, an important innovation that should be emulated by other Parties, to report annually on all its consumption based emissions as well.

How is Scotland planning to achieve such heroic feats, despite being almost as cold as Canada or Russia, and having nearly a many sheep as New Zealand? You can find out directly from the source: the Scottish Minister for Climate Change, NGO and business leaders will explain how they plan to do it on Tuesday at 9 am in Room 5. ECO doesn’t want to steal the Minister’s thunder, but we can reveal some clues involving renewable energy, improving the energy efficiency of buildings and better public transport. And another hint for delegates in Annex I: take note, it’s not rocket science!

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