Dating and the Kyoto Process

9 October 2009

In her blog entry on Wednesday, young Negotiator Tracker from India, Leela Raina, specifies 10 reasons why dating a male from an Annex I country does not appeal to her. A closer read will find some uncanny resemblance between her decision and the ongoing climate negotiations.

1. He is not willing to commit

Translation into negotiation language: Wants to shift emissions baseline from the year 1990 to 2005.

2. He takes more space in the relationship

Translation: Has a massively higher proportion of pollution.

3. He refuses to finance dinners

Translation: Can fund local solar projects but needs my help to scale up activities.

4. He hates my mother

Translation: Does not like principles and conditions imposed, and will not ratify them at any cost.

5. He does not let me use the TV remote or the computer

Translation: Makes it difficult to transfer technology

6. He would not save me if earthquakes or flash floods take place

Translation: Not reaching out with support for adaptation.

7. He does not follow through and is indecisive

Translation: Has different views all the time?

8. He is possessive and wants daily reports

Translation: Wants MRV on NAMA.

9. He has such a consumption-oriented lifestyle

Translation: Has an unsustainable lifestyle.

10. He would not make a good father

Translation: Does not care about protecting the environment for future generations.

For Leela to gain interest in Annex I men, their countries first need to play a more positive role in the negotiations. She asks: “So what do you say, dear Annex I negotiators? Are you willing to change, or not?”

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