NGO Participation Working Group

The participation of NGOs in the climate negotiations is key to remind governments of their responsibility to adopt an adequate climate agreement based on equity and science. NGO participation also ensures that actors are held accountable. The status of observers in the climate negotiations does not, however, allow NGOs to contribute with expertise and insights from communities as much as other UN fora do. The NGO Participation working group reviews procedures and practices related to the role of NGOs in the talks and advocates for more inclusive and transparent negotiations. Also, participation of local stakeholders is crucial in the implementation of mechanisms established under the Convention when the decisions adopted at the international level have direct impacts on local communities. The NGO Participation working group works with other CAN working groups to ensure that these mechanisms involve local stakeholders.

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Sebastien Duyck, CIEL,
Nhattan Nguyen, CAN Rac-Canada,

Civil Society's Voice Being Marginalized


ECO has been pondering the evident marginalization of the ‘civil society voice’ lately and started scribbling a few preambular thoughts on a serviette…

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CAN Intervention in the COP18 SBI Informal Consultations: Article 6, 27 November, 2012



SBI Intervention in the Informal Consultations: Article 6

27 November, 2012


Thank you chair for giving me the floor.

Good morning,

My name is Farrukh Zaman and I will speak on behalf of CAN international.

The six themes included in the scope of the article 6 work program are crucial to the implementation of the convention and to successful and effective climate policies at the national level.

NGO experts to brief on key developments at COP18

Media Advisory – Webcast Notice


[Doha – Qatar] – November 28, 2012 –  International experts from NGOs organized in the Climate Action Network (CAN) - a network of more than 700 organisations from over 90 countries – will brief the media on the latest developments in the climate negotiations at Doha, Qatar, tomorrow.


CAN Intervention in the COP18 COP Opening Plenary, 26 November, 2012

COP18 Opening Plenary Intervention

26 November, 2012


We have been given 30 seconds to express the views of CAN representing over 700 NGOs all around the world. It is impossible to say anything substantive about the most important challenge facing humanity in 30 seconds, so we are forced to limit ourselves in this intervention to place on record our protest about this exclusion of civil society voices in this vital process.