NGO Participation Working Group

The participation of NGOs in the climate negotiations is key to remind governments of their responsibility to adopt an adequate climate agreement based on equity and science. NGO participation also ensures that actors are held accountable. The status of observers in the climate negotiations does not, however, allow NGOs to contribute with expertise and insights from communities as much as other UN fora do. The NGO Participation working group reviews procedures and practices related to the role of NGOs in the talks and advocates for more inclusive and transparent negotiations. Also, participation of local stakeholders is crucial in the implementation of mechanisms established under the Convention when the decisions adopted at the international level have direct impacts on local communities. The NGO Participation working group works with other CAN working groups to ensure that these mechanisms involve local stakeholders.

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CAN’s Leadership Development Programme and Its relevance to the South


Sixbert Simon Mwanga
Climate Action Network-Tanzania

Yes, it is true that CAN is the largest and most vibrant network in the world working on climate change. Members of the Network work closely to address the causes and harmful impacts of climate change. About 850 NGOs invigolate CAN’s coordination in more than 90 countries of the earth with varying levels of development and diffuse geographical locations.

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CAN members at the ADP Co-chair's Special Event


ADP Co-Chair's Special event. CAN presented ideas on observer participation in shaping the 2015 agreement including the Equity Reference Framework.

Credit: IISD

Mohamed Adow, Christian Aid at ADP Co-Chair's Special Event


ADP Co-Chair's Special event. CAN presented ideas on observer participation in shaping the 2015 agreement including the  Equity Reference Framework.

Credit: Mark Lutes

Distinguished Delegate,


The ECO Presidency is pleased to invite you to a special High-Level Observer Reception in the presence of ADP Chairs Dovland and Mauskar.

The ECO Presidency and ADP Chairs will have the pleasure of presenting you with views, creative ideas and concerns by non-governmental experts closely following negotiations here in Bonn.

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Get Smart About PaperSmart

ECO looks forward to contributing to the success of the Warsaw COP and rejoices at being able to play its part once again contributing to the acuteness of the discussions. Since time immemorial (or maybe it just feels that way), ECO has tried to enrich each negotiating session. We look forward to a PaperSmart conference, but hopefully not so "smart" as to prevent ECO's opinions and insights from reaching delegates searching for inspiration.

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Civil Society's Voice Being Marginalized


ECO has been pondering the evident marginalization of the ‘civil society voice’ lately and started scribbling a few preambular thoughts on a serviette…

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