Mitigation Working Group

CAN’s Mitigation Working Group deals with a broad range of issues related to greenhouse gas emission reductions at the global, regional and national level. The group analyzes the current state of play, including country positions, and coordinates CAN's voice for ambitious actions to secure a safe climate. Some of its recent work has focused on developing and advocating CAN’s long-term goal; and championing ambitious pre-2020 mitigation action by developed countries. Given the wide range of issues to be covered, the group frequently coordinates with other CAN working groups, who occasionally take up some of the more focused debates. The group's role also includes crafting and implementing specific advocacy strategies.

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Enrique Maurtua Konstantinidis, IndyAct,
Naoyuki Yamagishi, WWF Japan,
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CAN Intervention - COP Plenary - COP 12 - Nov 2007

Thank you Mr. Chairman/President.

 My name is Sharon Looremeta, and I am a Maasai and I work with my farming community - we have mainly herding animals and they have been suffering and continue to suffer from drought. Many of the animals we rely on are dying.

CAN’s Proposal for an International Framework for Future Efforts to Fight Climate Change



The Climate Action Network has long campaigned for a strong international agreement to achieve real 

cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. The key elements of the Kyoto Protocol are the quantitative 

limitation and reduction commitments for industrialised countries with clear targets and timetables and 

this should also form the backbone of a future international climate regime.  



Why the Kyoto Protocol is a Historic Milestone


On February 16th 2005---more than seven years after the text of the treaty was initially agreed-- 

“Kyoto”, a protocol to the UN Framework Convention on climate change signed at the Earth 

Summit in Rio in1992, finally achieves the status of a treaty in force in terms of international law.  


This Protocol has often been criticized for its lack of ambition. For instance, its overall target is a 


CAN Position: Fair, Ambitious & Binding: Essentials for a successful climate deal, November 2001

The Essentials Checklist

The Copenhagen agreement must be fair to all countries and must safeguard the climate, specifically it must include the following commitments

A commitment to keep warming well below 2°C