Flex Mechs Working Group

The CAN Flexible Mechanisms Group coordinates advocacy and policy work around carbon markets. The group’s main focus is to strengthen the environmental and social integrity of both offsetting and cap-and-trade schemes. In the international climate policy process the group has made submissions to the UNFCCC on all three Kyoto trading mechanisms as well as the two trading mechanisms currently discussed under the Convention (Framework for Various Approaches and New Market Mechanism). The group also exchanges information on regional and national carbon markets and helps national NGOs in developing their policy positions.

For more information please contact:
Andy Katz, Sierra Club, andykatz@sonic.net
Gilles Dufrasne, Carbon Market Wacht: gilles.dufrasne@carbonmarketwatch.org

A Hot Blast of Hot Air from Doha Delivers Fossils to Poland and Russia


The First Place Fossil is awarded to Poland. Back home in Poland, Environment Minister Korolec, revealed the country's position on the Doha talks -  claiming the carryover of AAU credits is NOT a priority issue, but that the length of the second commitment period and the obligations contained in the Kyoto Protocol are. We should remind the minister that carryover of AAUs influences the level of ambition in CP2. 

CAN Intervention in the COP18 LCA Opening Plenary, 27 November, 2012


LCA Opening Plenary Intervention 

COP18, Doha

27 November, 2012

Photo Credit: IISD

Thank you Chairs. 

My name is Ben Namakin and I am from Kiribati speaking for CAN.

It is crucial that the LCA conclude here in Doha, however there is work to be done to ensure a meaningful outcome. 

Right to appeal not a game of two halves

Here in Doha, Parties will decide on an appeals procedure that would consider decisions made by the CDM Executive Board. It is crucial that civil society representatives are eligible to launch an appeal. But wait, ECO heard that some Parties would like to grant the right to appeal to one side (investors) only? Dear delegates, this is not a game of two halves but two sides of the same coin. Indeed, we would like to remind you that any appeals procedure must serve the interests of all affected stakeholders.

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CAN Submission: Doha Milestones and Action, November 2012

The planet is giving warning as to what dangerous climate change looks like – from historic droughts in East Africa, the United States and Mexico, to catastrophic floods in Brazil and China, and heat waves in Europe and elsewhere.  The spectre of worldwide food shortages is growing.  These warnings are being i