Equity/Effort-Sharing Working Group

"Equity," it is often said, "is the pathway to ambition." The CAN Equity Working Group is trying to make this pathway real. The basic challenge here is shifting the focus of "the equity issue" from positional bargaining to equitable effort sharing. Not that position bargaining is going away anytime soon, but its limits are clear. Thus, we seek a widely shared understanding, based on the Convention's core equity principles, of national "fair shares" in the common effort to stabilize the global climate system. An understanding of how the costs of climate transition — both mitigation costs and adaptation costs — should be divided, between nations and between income groups. An understanding that is specific enough to provide useful quantitative guidance to both negotiators and campaigners as they seek paths towards a high ambition world.

For more information please contact:
Rixa Schwarz, Germanwatch, schwarz@germanwatch.org
Tom Athanasiou, ECO Equity, toma@ecoequity.org

‘Just Transition’ – Making a New World Possible

What do negotiators do when something is agreed? They leave it out of the text!
It might seem weird but it just keeps happening in the shared vision discussion.
Calling for a low emission economy which ensures a just transition and the creation of good quality, decent jobs was long ago agreed as part of the text also referring to gender, indigenous peoples’ rights and other important elements of an overarching climate effort.  
Yet this essential reference has mysteriously vanished from the new shared vision text. And this despite support from Argentina to the United States and all other parts of the alphabet as well.

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