CAN View: Fill the Fund in Qatar- $10-15 billion for the Green Climate Fund, July 2012


In Qatar, developed countries need to put forward a climate finance package that includes:  

  • Commitments to total climate finance  (bilateral and multilateral, inside and outside the GCF) in 2013-2015 that are substantially above the levels of the Fast Start Finance period (2010-12); 
  • A pledge of at least $10-15 billion in new and additional public finance to be disbursed to the GCF over the years 2013-2015, with 50 percent of these initial resources for adaptation through direct access where possible and preferred;   
  • A clear roadmap for scaling-up climate finance to meet  the $100 billion per year commitment by 2020; 
  • Decisions that advance the most promising alternative sources of public finance as part of this roadmap;
  • Decisions allowing the full operationalization of the Green Climate Fund.  

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