CAN Position: Energy and the Post-2015 Development Agenda, September 2014

~~Any Energy SDG should recognize that access to sustainable, affordable, safe and reliable energy is a pre-condition for eradicating poverty and sustainable development.
To achieve sustainable development, the post-2015 framework must leverage the shift away from fossil fuels and nuclear to zero carbon renewable and climate resilient energy systems. This includes transforming fossil fuel subsidies, with protection for poor and vulnerable groups, to finance new renewable and energy efficiency usages while also providing adequate support and technology transfer to poorer countries.

Both a dedicated sustainable energy goal and integration of energy-related targets across the framework to capture its impact on many development areas are required.

An Energy SDG should include the following targets:
1. Universal access to sustainable, affordable, safe and reliable energy for household, community and productive services.
2. Tripling (compared to 2010 levels) the share of renewables in primary energy use and energy infrastructure globally, to at least 45%.
3. Substantially grow annual energy intensity improvements globally to 4.5%.