CAN Position: Beyond2015 Position-UN thematic consultation-Sustainable Environment Post Rio, December 2012


This paper is a response by international civil society, represented by CAN-International and Beyond 2015, to the thematic consultation on Sustainable Environment launched by the UN in relation to the work of the UN High Level Panel of Eminent Persons.
We want to note that the siloed approach to the 11 thematic consultations, while understandable for practical reasons, should be re-considered by the UN. One of the greatest challenges and opportunities for the post-2015 development framework is precisely to break down the fragmented approach of the MDGs to fully capture the cross-cutting synergies between and among the different themes. In order for the consultations to be effective, we need to move to a holistic, sustainable, approach and advance one global development agenda that is people-centered, inclusive, and sustainable.