CAN Joint COP/CMA/CMP Closing intervention, December 2019

CAN has followed these climate negotiations since they started in 1991 and never before witnessed such a disconnection between what the science and the people demand and what governments are delivering. We witness an almost complete absence of ambition and urgency from all large emitters. And then to hear that one country blocked language on addressing these gaps is obnoxious. The arrogance to block progress while leaving the Paris Agreement is treacherous.
Furthermore, this COP has failed to provide new and additional finance to support those people suffering from climate-induced loss and damage and the increasingly dramatic impacts of the climate crisis.
On rules for Article 6, Climate Action Network applauds all those who stood strong on environmental integrity and social safeguards, including human rights and indigenous peoples rights. However, we are gravely concerned by the exclusion of vulnerable countries from key negotiations and call on future presidencies to ensure full inclusiveness.
But as governments screw up, people rise up. COP25 has not delivered, but we will return stronger in 2020 - we will rise and unleash unprecedented movements if governments keep failing the people and the planet. We are closing ranks with the unions, the climate justice movements, the indigenous peoples, faith communities and the youth.
This COP has failed the people and the planet. People power, climate justice!