CAN Intervention - Stocktake- Bonn SB44/APA1 - 21st May, 2016

~~Thank you, Madame President, my name is Alden Meyer, I am speaking on behalf of Climate Action Network.

CAN is pleased that Parties have finally agreed on the APA agenda, and will soon finalize the organization of work in a way that is balanced and advances all issues. Starting on Monday, APA needs to start substantive negotiations, which should include identifying the key deliverables at COP 22.

Climate Action Network also looks forward to further clarity from the high-level champions on how they will develop a road map that ensures that the global climate action agenda delivers initiatives to close the ambition gap in the pre-2020 period. There is an urgent need to bring focus to the GCAA to ensure that it drives credible, transformational initiatives that enables acceleration of both state and non-state action to combat climate change.

Lastly CAN is concerned about the lack of any formal space for deliberations on the format of the various facilitated dialogues that have been mandated by COP 21. We welcome the efforts by the incoming presidency to hold informal consultations on this issue, but would also urge that discussions with observers be conducted to help elaborate the objective and structure of these facilitated dialogues. We all have an interest in ensuring that these opportunities drive increased ambition in light of the shortfall of current efforts in relation to the agreement to limit warming to no more than 1.5 degrees C.

Thank you,