CAN Intervention - Speaking Notes BKK - August 31, 2012

SPEAKING NOTES – Pat Finnegan on behalf of CAN-International

  • Thanks and Introduction
  • As the US has noted, this is a relatively small group of negotiators, and there is a sense of community
  • However, equally, this morning it is clear that the debate continues to be largely binary, and is polarised into two largely opposing sets of views
  • The role of NGO's is very often (we like to think anyway) to assist Parties to move forward and make progress
  • In that light, CAN would like to respond to the US view that there is no text on the table, there is no decision to have text, and there is no mandate for text
  • The secretariat has (as usual) done its usual excellent work in providing material for this session
  • Nevertheless, CAN would like to point out that missing from the decision matrix is any reference to 13/CP-17 (the Durban decision on CB that this group agreed)
  • 13/CP-17 para 6 decides to further enhance the framework for capacity building under four main headings:
6 a) decides to ensure consultation with stakeholders throughout the entire process
6 b) decides to further integrate capacity building into national strategies
6 c) decides to increase the co-ordination of capacity building
6 d) decides to strenghten networking among developing countries and South-South co-operation
  • But para 6 contains no detail on how to implement and deliver these decisions
  • As the EU has observed, there are other opportunities to move this forward
  • With all due respect to the Durban Forum on Capacity Building (as mentioned by the EU and others) CAN does not believe that is capable of moving fast enough, or substantially enough, given that it is just a one day session to be held once a year and is not scheduled to be held again until next June (2013)
  • CAN is suggesting Parties concentrate their forces right now instead on working towards a substantive COP-18 decision in Doha establishing an intensive two year programme of work in the SBI, dedicated to further enhancing developing country capacity and means of support, and to building an institutional structure capable of ensuring universal delivery by 2014
  • Such a decision does not actually require a mandate from the LCA. But CAN suggests that a LCA decision to provide one would give the appropriate stamp of approval for some concentrated work through the COP and in the SBI between 2013-2014
  • We hope this suggestion may help Parties in moving forward.
  • Thanks again Chair and delegates for this opportunity
  • We look forward to further opportunities to offer our assistance and views