CAN Intervention: SBSTA Closing Plenary SB40s, 15 June, 2014

SBSTA Closing Intervention

Thank you chair. I am Tania and am speaking on behalf of Climate Action Network.

CAN would like to remind Parties that the world’s people depend on agriculture for sustenance, and, in developing countries, for their livelihoods. Climate change puts all of this at risk. Climate policies that encompass agriculture must include safeguards and approaches that: 

  • Promote poverty reduction and climate adaptation;
  • Protect and promote:
    • ecosystems and biodiversity, 
    • rural people’s gender-equitable access to natural resources,
    • food security and the right to food,
    • the rights of indigenous peoples and local populations,
    • farm animals’ health and ability to express natural behavior, and
    • the rights of vulnerable groups, and active involvement of affected communities by supporting:
      • Adaptation policies that are embedded appropriately in the local context.
      • A rights-based approach during design and implementation of adaptation policies, ensuring the active involvement of the affected communities.

CAN is pleased to see some progress achieved here in setting up the Mechanism on Loss and Damage, but much more work needs to be done. We expect the Executive Committee to devise a strong work plan to build up an effective mechanism that helps the vulnerable

CAN looks forward to working with Parties towards these ends.

Thank you.