CAN Intervention: SBI Opening Plenary SB40s, 4 June, 2014

Thank you Co Chairs.

I am speaking on behalf of Climate Action Network.

CAN welcomes the progress made on guidelines for IAR and ICA. The adoption of guidelines for national communications and biennial reports as well as revision of reporting guidelines on annual inventories for Annex 1 parties is progress. However, there are some provisions in the agreed guidelines that suggest the need for revision.

A robust verification process facilitates increased transparency for commitments and actions countries are taking to respond to climate change and allows Parties to build capacity, strengthen trust, foster cooperation, and provide more effective support.

CAN would like to highlight that MRV regime created within the UNFCCC should not be limited to mitigation alone but should also address means of implementation especially finance. A common reporting format to facilitate the assessment of actions and finance disbursed and received would help to create a transparent MRV regime for means of implementation.

Given enhanced reporting requirements some developing countries will need the requisite technical capacity building to meet these reporting requirements. The need for permanent institutional capacity and human resources to carry out various tasks in relation to national communications as well as Biennial Update reports within developing countries will also require enhanced financial support.

Thank you.