CAN Intervention: Opening Intervention, Bonn SB44/APA1, 16th May, 2016

~~Dear Madame President,

My name is Sebastien Duyck and I am speaking on behalf of Climate Action Network.

In Paris, the international community came together to commit to the most significant environmental agreement of our generation. COP-21 marked an unprecedented convergence of actors around the necessity to take ambitious and equitable action to preserve the climate for current and future generations.

As we now focus on the operationalisation of the Paris commitments, the role of civil society remains crucial to ensure transparency and the highest level of ambition.

We call on negotiators to renew the spirit of partnership between governments and stakeholders and to allow civil society to engage meaningfully to support ambitious and equitable climate action

Firstly, the voices of all stakeholders must be listened to in this process. Chairs and negotiators should ensure that sessions and workshops benefit from the expertise and perspectives of civil society.

Secondly, stakeholders must be allowed to contribute to the transparency and ambition processes established under the Paris Agreement. This role will be key to guarantee trust and to provide the right incentives necessary for a virtuous ambition cycle.

We look forward to working with all parties to ensure that the Paris Agreement lives up to its promises.

Thank you