CAN Intervention: High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development (HLPF), July 2017

Climate change is front and centre in Agenda 2030, with a specific goal, SDG13, and many targets linked to climate change under all 17 goals. Implementing the SDGs needs an integrated approach with the Paris Climate Agreement, and such an approach must prioritise actions that deliver equally on both agreements.

One of the tools to promote an integrated implementation approach is precisely national reporting. We urge member states to do their best to include climate change in their Voluntary National Reviews.

It is also important for governments to consider different climate scenarios and how these impact on the delivery of the SDGs. And to identify how climate change intersects with the pledge to Leave No One Behind, for example by identifying which groups are most vulnerable to climate impacts and how this relates to issues of marginalisation and discrimination. Let us make sure we integrate these groups as part of our solutions too.

CSOs are already involved in SDG implementation processes in many countries as we speak. So, we invite governments to work jointly with us on national planning instruments, including long-term climate strategies and SDG implementation plans and ensure successful integration of both Paris and Agenda 2030.

Finally, we really hope that the climate change linkage is strongly reflected in the Ministerial Declaration after this HLPF. Thank you.