CAN Intervention in the COP19 Adaptation Fund Contact Group by Alix Mazounie, 14 November, 2013

Thank you chair.

My name is Alix Mazounie from the French Climate Action Network. I am from a country that has never contributed to the Adaptation Fund so far. I deeply apologise and will do my best to change its mind.

As you know, the Adaptation Fund is drying up. The 2 per cent CDM levy does not live up to revenue expectations. The sale of CERs is a dead source, namely because some countries have abandoned the Kyoto Protocol, and some countries refuse to fix their carbon markets in order to protect dirty industry as if climate change didn’t exist.

To narrow the funding gap, the Adaptation Fund Board had set a goal of raising 100 million USD by end of 2013, from direct contributions by developed countries. Since the goal was set in 2012, only two countries – Sweden and Belgium - have made new pledges. 

We wonder how developed countries can claim to stand behind the climate finance promise of 100 billion a year by 2020, if they are not ready to save the Adaptation Fund and meet the modest 100 million fundraising goal?  

You need to fix this, here in Warsaw and this week. CAN is looking particularly at those developed countries that have never contributed to the Adaptation Fund, such as my own country that portrays itself as a leader on climate finance.

You must not. Actually, no, you CANNOT leave Warsaw knowing the Adaptation Fund is on its death bed. Meeting the fundraising goal for the Adaptation Fund here in Warsaw is but the first step on your journey to meet your finance promises towards 2020.

We urge you to ring up your ministers, and warn them not to come to Warsaw empty-handed. 

Le Réseau Action Climat vous remercie.