CAN Intervention in the COP18 Contact Group on Finance, 7 December, 2012

Intervention in COP Contact Group on Finance, 7 December 

Delivered by Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim 

My name is Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim from Chad and I will be speaking on behalf of Climate Action Network.
Developing countries like mine have come to Doha facing a climate finance cliff. We have reached the end of the Fast Start Finance period with no clarity on what levels of public finance to expect in 2013 and through to 2020.
There is nothing being put forward by this group that guarantees public finance will go up not down from next year.

We call for a 2013-2015 package that includes AT LEAST $60 billion in PUBLIC finance, as part of a clear trajectory to the 100 billion per year in 2020. This package must include commitment to capitalize and operationalize the Green Climate Fund in 2013.

Finance matters to developing countries and their vulnerable communities like mine living around Lake Chad. How do you expect them to adapt to the devastating impacts of climate change without substantial and predictable levels of public financing in 2013 and beyond? How do you expect developing countries to take on more ambitious mitigation efforts if you do not scale up support?

Providing this finance is a legal obligation that requires clear collective commitments here in Doha and no later. We demand nothing less.