CAN Intervention in the COP18 CMP Opening Plenary, 26 November, 2012


CMP CAN Intervention

27 November, 2012

Thank you Mr Chair.

We wish to restate our profound concerns, expressed in this morning's plenary, that Civil Society has not been given enough time to express their views. However, we do not want to risk losing our provided space. We will highlight key deliverables of the CMP:

·      Inscription of ambitious QELROs into Annex B, reflecting the top end of the 25-40% range

·      Carryover of the AAU surplus from the first commitment period should not be allowed after 2012.

·      Additionality and baseline rules for the CDM and JI should be stronger, with sustainable development monitoring for the CDM

·      The KP must be amended to include an adjustment procedure to build in increases in ambition without the current ratification procedure


Thank you Chair