CAN Intervention at COP 19 in the SBSTA Contact Group on Nairobi Work Programme

Thank you Co-Chairs. 

My name is Aarjan Dixit speaking on behalf of the Climate Action Network. We appreciate the opportunity to make an intervention. 

The next phase of the NWP should significantly scale-up its knowledge sharing, communication and dissemination activities by taking account of the needs of the particularly vulnerable groups, communities and ecosystems; as well as, the growing experience with adaptation implementation under the convention and other multilateral funds.

The NWP should consider right-based approaches to adaptation, and give special attention to the use of traditional and indigenous forms of knowledge and their limitations in light of climate change. 

It should continue to build linkages and improve coordination with other bodies. In particular, it should inform the work of the Adaptation Committee, which is crucial to increase ambitious on adaptation under the convention.

It must also engage in better monitoring of the action pledges made by various organisations and continue to showcase best practices. 

Thank you