CAN Intervention on Agriculture in the COP19 SBSTA Closing Plenary by Geoff Evans, 16 November, 2013

Thank you chair. I am Geoffrey Evans and am speaking on behalf of Climate Action Network.

CAN is pleased with this week’s agriculture workshop. Everyone in the world depends on agriculture for his/her very sustenance, while many, especially in the developing countries, rely on it for their livelihoods. Climate change puts all of this at risk. Many CAN Members have a long history of working with farmers communities. The sustainability of agriculture and enhancement of food security, now and into the future, are of absolutely vital importance for us.

Following on the success of the workshop, the UNFCCC should facilitate the potential for countries to:

•  Promote biodiverse climate-resilient small-scale agriculture based on agro-ecological principles;

•  Support appropriate technology development and transfer that enhance sustainability of food production systems;

•  Include safeguards which protect biodiversity, equitable access to resources by rural peoples, food security, the right to food, the rights of indigenous peoples and local populations, as well as the welfare of farm animals, while promoting poverty reduction and climate adaptation;

•  Explore opportunities to sustainably reduce emissions from the agricultural sector; and

•  Reduce emissions from the conversion of forests and pasture to agriculture.

•  For developing country agriculture the priorities should be sustainability, climate resilience, and food security, and Parties must provide resources for promoting biodiverse, resilient small-scale agriculture and appropriate technology development and transfer.

Thank you.