CAN Briefing Paper: Recommendations to the Informal Dialogue_April 2016

~~At COP 21, 197 nations came together to agree on the Paris Agreement. CAN welcomes the outcome from  Paris and urges all countries to ratify the Paris Agreement as soon as possible to ensure a smooth entry into force of the agreement. While the Paris Agreement provides the framework for future climate action, there is a still a lot to be done. From elaborating the rules of the Paris Agreement to ensuring that greater ambition in the pre 2020 period in order to  rapidly close the gigaton gap. Effective implementation of the agreement as well as creating the enabling environment for countries to achieve their proposed climate actions is crucial if we are to fulfil the goals within the Paris Agreement as well as to pursue efforts to limit temperature rise to 1.5 C.

CAN recommends that the following issues should be prioritized and addressed  in the informal meeting in order to develop a concrete road map towards addressing these issues and to create the necessary foundations for implementation of the Paris Agreement.
Increase Ambition: The Paris Agreement creates the framework for increasing ambition within countries over time. The current ambition as seen within the Cancun pledges (pre 2020) as well as the INDCs (post 2020)  proposed by governments in the run up to COP21 is grossly inadequate from what is required by science.
Governments need to increase ambition immediately and have clear timelines towards revising their ambition if the commitment made by governments within the Paris Agreement is to be understood as meaningful.