CAN Adaptation Intervention on NAPs and Loss & Damage at COP 19, 12 November, 2013

Photo Credit: Mang Doungel

Thank you for the floor.  I am Jessica Faleiro from ActionAid speaking on behalf of Climate Action Network International

At COP 18, all countries decided that institutional arrangements such as an international mechanism would be established at COP 19.  

  • We re-iterate what many in the room have already said and urge all parties to come forward and engage constructively at this COP, in particular to establish  an International mechanism here in Warsaw with an agreement on key functions and modalities so that the mechanism can be operationalized by 2015.
  • This mechanism should be under the authority and guidance of COP. 
  • The institutional arrangements should also coordinate between the different bodies addressing issues such as emergency response, migration, biodiversity etc.  
  • The International Mechanism on Loss and Damage is not just about developing financial measures to address climate change impacts but also about generating knowledge and finding new ways to deal with slow onset events and non-economic losses like loss of cultural heritage, indigenous knowledge etc.
  • The devastation of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines is a harsh reminder that there can't be any further delay in tackling loss and damage. This is about climate justice. It is about protecting people, their livelihoods and most importantly their human rights and dignity.