Pelenise Alofa

Pelenise Alofa is National Coordinator for the Kiribati Climate Action Network, an umbrella NGO in Kiribati.  She hails from the beautiful Pacific isles: Kiribati, Fiji and Tuvalu.  Pelenise is an active advocate for stopping climate change internationally and in the Pacific region.  Her strengths lies in project development,  program facilitation,  capacity building and strategic management.  She has strong work relationship with the government on climate change programs on in Kiribati.   She has also successfully established the Banaban Network in Fiji for the Banabans, an indigenous people who were resettled in Fiji, and is working diligently to create the Pacific node for  CAN.

Pelenise is a teacher by profession and is member of the Advisory Committee and Scholarship Board for the Ministry of Education in Kiribati.  Her involvement in education has led to her working with youth and students on climate change programs. Her objective in life is to fully utilize knowledge and skills, talents and abilities to help alleviate poverty and improve quality of life the for the people of Kiribati and the Pacific in the face of climate change.