WWF - Poland


First of all, to inform and educate. In joint efforts to resolve the problem, we try to involve as many politicians, businesses and millions of Poles.
The main goal of the WWF "Climate and Energy" is to accelerate the development of renewable energy in our country. We shall endeavor to have created the right conditions and legislative market for power from wind, biomass, solar, geothermal and small hydro (ie. Clean energy). Our goal is to create a situation in which renewables can compete with fossil fuels. We hope that in future, given the choice of "green tariffs", consumers opt for clean energy. through social actions and education campaigns (Earth Hour, Let's make a good atmosphere), cooperation with media and publishing materials on climate change to inform and encourage to actions that can help curb the excessive emission of greenhouse gases. Acting within the Climate Coalition, WWF is also developing a position, expertise, and reports on your current policy climate. Monitoring the correct implementation by Poland of the EU indications for carbon emissions. Leader of the "climate and energy" takes part in discussions on government work in this topic. We also work with business to encourage companies to ensure that take action to reduce emissions of CO 2
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