World Resources Insitute (WRI)

WRI’s goal is to protect the global climate system from further harm due to emissions of greenhouse gases and help humanity and the natural world adapt to unavoidable climate change.


Increasingly frequent extreme weather events, record annual global average temperatures and disruptive seasonal changes in vulnerable countries all point to increasing evidence of anthropogenic climate change. Continued reliance on outdated energy sources, coupled with a growing population and the emergence of a global middle class, put the world on a pathway to experience climate impacts of a dangerous and irreversible magnitude.

This fossil fuel-based growth trajectory of the last century is no longer sustainable or economically viable.

In order to achieve their economic and development aspirations while also responding to climate risks, the world’s nations, businesses and citizens need to fundamentally rethink current energy policies, practices and actions.

To this end, WRI conducts rigorous, independent research and develops innovative policy and business approaches to help countries build low-carbon economies and adapt to a changing climate. In particular, WRI aims to:

  • Provide analysis and policy solutions that help governments at all levels meet economic and development goals while reducing their countries’ climate impact;
  • Develop new business models that engage companies in achieving a zero-carbon economy;
  • Build transparency and accountability around countries’ progress on low-carbon development and climate change;
  • Develop strategies for adapting to a changed climate and building resilience;
  • Accelerate the pace of innovation for low-carbon technologies.
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